GecktoesTM Yoga & Pilates Socks Make Your Feet Stick!

GecktoesTM Yoga and Pilates Socks are non-slip, grippy socks perfect for Yoga, Pilates & other exercise! GecktoesTM are hand-painted with a "sticky" fabric paint, giving your feet traction on floors, exercise mats and equipment.

What Makes GecktoesTM Socks Different? Other non-slip socks have small, sticky beads that wear off over time. Our all-over painted design offers greater sticking power! They feel great on your feet AND they look great, too! We offer many grip colors to coordinate with your other exercise gear.

GecktoesTM Socks are great for more than exercise! Wear them anytime, anywhere for extra traction and safety, especially on hardwood or tile floors. GecktoesTM are also ideal for hospital patients or nursing home residents who need added walking safety.

Get Your GecktoesTM Today!

Choose either white or black socks & choose a grip color. We produce small quantities to fulfill orders. Please allow up to 7-10 days for production/shipping.